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Find your Badminton Racket

The shape of the badminton racket is slightly smaller, lighter and thinner than a tennis racket. A racket with steel shaft weighs around 120 g, while
top class rackets weighs as little as 80 g or less.
Beginner‘s rackets are mainly strung with cheaper polyester strings. Advanced players and professionals use more expensive natural gut strings or multifilament polyester strings, which allow better control and longlasting durability. Depending on the type of player, badminton rackets can be strung with a variable strength (tension between 18-26 lbs). Because of the oval shape of the racket head, the vertical strings are mostly strung 1-2 lbs tighter than the lateral strings.


The balance shows the direction a racket is meant to be. A head light racket offers more maneuverability and has an all over good handling.

While a head heavy is more attack weightend and offers more power in offensive plays.

Weight Category*

2 U = 90-94,9 g         3 U = 85-89,9 g
4 U = 80-84,9g          5 U = 75-79,9 g
6 U = 70-74,9 g         *without String


Screenshot 2022-12-12 152308.png


The stiffer a racket´s shaft is, the more accuracy it offers.
The more flexible a shaft is, the more power a racket generate.

Grip Size

G4 = 8.50cm

G 5 = 8.10cm
G6 = 7.90cm


Stringing Pattern: 72, 76, 80, 88, 96
More holes =

+ Less loss of tension

+ Less string break

+ Stiffer string bed

- Harder to string

- Harder to produce

- Frame might be unstable

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