Emotion & Innovation

VICTOR - global brand with ecological & social standards, and passion for the sport

VICTOR is a global brand and one of the leading manufacturers of indoor sport goods, represented in approximately 100 countries around the world.

VICTOR is ISO 9001 certified and drives it`s factory in Nanjing, with over 1.200 employees, which is operating according to Western standards - whether in the product focussed qualitymanagement area of environmental protection or labor protection and great social commitment - it produces more than 4 million natural shuttlecocks every month. All rackets and sport goods are developed and tested by professionals, allowing only the best products to come into the market, which have deserved the name VICTOR.

More than 200 top players are promoted and sponsored by VICTOR, starting on a small scale of local clubs up to the support of several social youth projects worldwide. And furtheron there are the players of the Korean national team, sharing the experience and competent leadership of VICTOR for many years now.

Think about it to share a membership and our challenge of high performance premium brand - innovation and emotion - on the way to perfection.

VICTOR building, Germany
VICTOR building, Germany