The successor to the successful 9200 with an identical fit. New is the revised LS-S system for a high, lateral support and long-lasting cushioning in the heel area. The multi-layer reinforcement of the forefoot area reduces the wear and tear during typical dragging. Support through innovative sole structure and increased air circulation through mesh windows in the sole.

Specyfikacja produktu

Materiały: Obermaterial: V-Durable PU, Double Mesh, PU Leder; Zwischensohle: Light Resilient EVA, ETPU*, TPU, Carbon Power, Solid EVA; Außensohle: VSR Kautschuk
Rozmiar: 39 - 45 / 39,5 / 40,5 / 44,5 / 45,5tabela rozmiarów obuwia
Artykuł nr: 201476