ReadyToWin with #VICTORwarmUP

Play better & healthier Badminton with these functional #VICTORwarmup exercises - in just 10 to 15 minutes!

Functional strength and stabilization exercises can improve your performance on court and at the same time can protect you from injury - even in the long run! When Badminton players complain about pain and overuse syndromes, these are often in the same areas: pain in the elbow or shoulder, the lower back and the knee, mainly the in patella femoral region, the front of the knee. The good thing: these regions with their corresponding muscle chains can be trained effectively with a few exercises. At the same time - with the usage of these exercises Badminton performance will be enhanced. A good overhead technique and a strong smash need a good athletic posture in the upper body. A better one-leg and core stability can not only reduce twisting of the ankle and low back pain, but helps with a quicker return from the court corners. A normal mobility in the thoracicspine - and therefore the upper body - and hip - the lower body - will help to optimize overhead and defensive reach, without risking to overuse neck and low back muscles. So - let’s go! #readytowin with the new #VICTORwarmup

Diemo Ruhnow

Diemo Ruhnow
Diemo Ruhnow (MSc Sports Coaching, Dipl. Trainer) is currently working as Head Coach Doubles for the German National Team and is also responsible for Athletic- and Strength training. Besides his continuous work and expertise in all areas of German Badminton, the for many years VICTOR sponsored coach is an international recognized lecturer in strength and condition for game sports.

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Lunge & Row works on the stability of the lunge and therefore the quality of the strokes in this position. From an athletic upright position the player performs a lunge forward. Both feet are pointing forward in this position and the glute of the back leg is engaged fully. In this position the player perform to rowing movements at a slightly lower than shoulder height position. From the lower position the player pushes forward and upward into a single leg stance that should be held and balanced for 1-2 seconds before continuing the lunge with the other leg.

Shoulders + core + glute activation + one-leg stability


From an athletic stance the player moves into the inverted hamstring position with engaged core and fully extended back leg, hip parallel to the floor and toes pointing down. Both arms move simultaneously into the „T“-position (reverse fly). The return into the starting position is initiated via the hip extension, upper body and back leg stay in one straight line at all times.

Shoulders + core + glute activation + hip mobility + Einbeinstabilität

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From the starting position the player performs a stretch of the back side by placing his hands on the floor in front of his feet („stretch position“). From this position the player moves forward into a long push up position. This position is held for 1-2 seconds with core and glutes engaged. From this position the player performs ankle walks with his knee extended back into the stretch position which is again held for 1-2 seconds. The player performes 4-8 repetitions.

Shoulders + core + glute activation + ankle mobility

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The exercise „rolling“ develops both dynamic, rotary stability and mobility in the upper body. In the starting position on the floor with arms overhead, the player turns his body by using solely turning of the head, rotation of the upper body (at thorathic spine level) and reaching of the arm without help of the legs - same procedure from the prone position back into starting position. Following the same principle, the exercises can be performed using the lower body only. Key point for this exercises: hip should be seperated to work both on mobility and cross linking stability.

Shoulders + core + thoracic spine mobility

Bridge + Glute – Firing

Glute activation is an important part in injury prevention but also performance wise for effective starting, jumping and deceleration on court. In the supine position both legs are held at 90/90 position, ankles are dorsiflexed. From this position the bridging movement is startet by activation the glutes („glute firing“) and the hips moves towards the ceiling until fully extended. Core is engaged at all times.

Glute activation + core

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In this squat variation the player performs a stretch of the backside of the legs while bending over and reaching towards the floor. After holding the stretch for 2 seconds, the player goes into the deep squat position without loosing full foot contact. To support this position, the player’s hand grabs under the tip of his shoes. From this position a rotation and slight chest stretch is performed on each side before standing up with the arms reaching to the ceiling. In the upper position the glutes should be fully engaged.

Shoulder + thoracic spine mobility + glute activation + hip mobility + ankle mobility

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