VICTOR Auraspeed 98K G

ARS-98K is a speed racket which also excels in attacking situations. The astonishing speed and excellent force transmission enables more accuracy making the ARS 98K the perfect weapon for double players.

Product Specification

Materiaal: High Resilience Modulus Graphite
Headshape: isometricGewicht: abt. 91 g
Gripmaat: G2 = G5 (medium)Balans: Balans
HH = head heavy
HL = head light
Stijfheid: Stijfheid
S = stiff
F = flexible
Max. Snaarspanning : abt. 13 kg
Snaar: unstrung + Set VBS-68 whiteExtra: Hard Cored Technology, Compound-Sword, Hybrid CN, Sonic-Rebound Technology, WES
Tas: fullsize thermobagArticle-No.: 200289

All badminton racket details with string and grip.