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VICTOR Europe GmbH appoints new Managing Director

VICTOR Europe GmbH, based in Horst, Schleswig-Holstein, has ¬appointed Andreas Sievers as its new Managing Director with effect from 01.06 2021.

Sievers thus replaces Rolf Aurin, who had been Managing Director since 1997 (until 2019 together with Jan Beutler).

The racket specialist (badminton, squash, tennis) from Northern Germany with its brands VICTOR and FZ FORZA in exclusive distribution in Europe is thus arranging the succession internally.

With Andreas Sievers, who has been working for VICTOR for over 27 years, an absolute home-grown is moving to the top of the company. Most recently, Sievers had already worked for many years as an authorised signatory in the management and above all in the sales, marketing and human resources departments of the company.

We are very confident that we will come out of the pandemic stronger than before, because the badminton sector in particular has suffered greatly from the closure of the halls.

For the years 2022-2024, we expect a further expansion of our currently already good market position. With VICTOR as one of the leading brands in badminton, we see further growth potential in various European markets.

There is also further good news from the North of Germany. With Leon Aurin (wholesale ¬merchant), Torge Siska (e-commerce merchant) and Felix Meisterfeld (warehouse logistics ¬specialist) three former apprentices are now being taken on. VICTOR Europe is pleased about so much loyalty and looks to the future strengthened with the new staff!