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German squash champion 2019: Raphael Kandra defends his DEM title in Hamburg

At the 44th DUCAT German Singles Championships (DEM) at the Sportwerk in Hamburg, Raphael Kandra (DRL 2) successfully defended his DEM title of the previous year this weekend. The VICTOR player prevailed in three rounds with 13:11, 11: 2, 11: 6 against Valentin Rapp (DRL 3, SI Stuttgart) and thus secured his second overall title after his first DEM title last year.
"Valentin especially made it difficult for me in the first round, which I won in the tie-break. Then I was able to clearly define the two subsequent sentences and thus also the game for me, "said Raphael Kandra in the winner's interview.
Rank three was fought between two VICTOR players and won by Tim Weber (DRL 4, Black and White RC Worms), who finished in four sets with 4:11, 11: 7, 11: 3, 11: 7 against Johannes Thürauf (Squash Devils). The latter had previously surprisingly prevailed against two better placed players and made his way among the eight best squash players for the first time.
Also VICTOR product manager and player Kai Rixen (DRL 86, SC Güdingen) successfully participated in the event and became runner-up in the field of the German ESCHE amateur championship (DAM). He was defeated in the final Jan-Ole Bleil (1. Bremer SC), who dominated the field from the beginning and secured without loss of set with 8:11, 9:11, 1:11 the title as German amateur single champion.
We congratulate the German Champion 2019
and all players to their great performance!

photos: © DSQV – Lennard Jessen