VICTOR Thruster HF

Coming from the TK-F family the racket is an ideal weapon for offensive players. The 6.6mm shaft offers excellent stability and provides exceptional power.

Product Specification

Material: High Resilience Modulus Graphite + PYROFIL
Headshape: isometricWeight: abt. 85 g
Grip size: G2 = G5 (medium)Balance: Balance
HH = head heavy
HL = head light
Stiffness: Stiffness
S = stiff
F = flexible
Max. String Ten.: abt. 12 kg
String: unstrung + Set VBS-68 whiteExtra: Hard-Cored Technology, Tri-Formation, Pyrofil, Nano-Tec
Bag: fullsize thermobagArticle-No.: 200291

All badminton racket details with string and grip.