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Squash: Raphael Kandra is European Individual Champion 2019

Bucharest, 07.09.2019 - The current German Individual Champion Raphael Kandra (Paderborner SC) is gold medallist at the European Individual Championships (September 4th to 7th) in Germany and is thus European Individual Champion of the Year 2019. Kandra won the final of the European Individual Championships in five sets with 11:6, 11:8, 7:11, 7:11, 12:10 in about 80 minutes against Borja Golan (ESP).

 "It became gold. A great thing, I'm very happy for him. Raphael led quickly with 2:0 sets and was very consistent. After that Borja became stronger and stronger and was able to break Raphael's playing rhythm. He found his way back into the game, came back into the game after a 2:6 deficit and worked his way up point by point. When then at 9:9 still the string at Raphael broke, the game was hardly to be surpassed in drama. In the end, Raphael won the game with the second match point with 12:10. That is a great thing and a very strong performance," commented national coach Oliver Pettke.

"I thank all the organizers here in Bucharest. You organized a great tournament. The glass court as well as the shuttles, the food and everything else was wonderful. My thanks also go to Borja for a great finale, to all the spectators who did a great job on all days. In particular I would like to thank the German Armed Forces, the Paderborn SC and all other personal supporters who support me and always stand by me, as well as our national coach Oliver Pettke who supported Saskia and me very well", said the new European Individual Champion Raphael Kandra.

VICTOR congratulates on this outstanding result and looks forward to further success.
 Lennard Jessen /graphical material: DSQV e.V.