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Ladies singles final fully equipped by VICTOR, at the World Junior Championships 2015!

The World Junior Championships taking place between 4th to 15th November 2015 in Lima (Peru), traditionally started with the team competition.

Especially the Malaysian team, which is fully equipped by VICTOR, was very successful with a great 5th place.

The big moment for VICTOR took place in the ladies singles final between the two Malaysians Ying Ying Lee and Jin Wei Goh.

Ying Ying Lee was able to defeat the no. 11 seeded japanese Natsuki Nidaira, the no. 9 seeded spanish Clara Azurmendi as well as the no. 8 seeded danish Julie Dawall Jakobsen and even no. 3 seeded and favored thai Supanida Katethong on her way into the final. A really great winning run!

Jin Wei Goh seemed to have a easier draw due to her being seeded no. 4 of the tournament and only had to play one seeded player herself, Chinas Chen Yufei. This seems to be a huge advantage on the first view but you have got to know that the seeding lists for World Junior Championships are often a bit randomly chosen. Almost in every game, especially against asian players, an upcoming world class player can await you.

After a fabulous and exciting final Jin Wei Goh was able to call herself a world junior champion which meant a great second place for Ying Ying Lee.

This achievement was even more special due to the fact that Jin Wei Goh is only 15 years old and will have some more years to participate in World Junior Championships.

We are all really looking forward to more years with such a great junior player and can't wait for more VICTORies!