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VICTOR and BSC Unna: Refugees Welcome!

Sports unites people, this is something, which members of the Badminton Association  "BSC Unna" know for a long time - Therefore it was no question that the people in power from the Badminton Club tried everything to integrate the refugees and give them a place to feel comfortable. With the help of many volunteers, who could also clarify legal issues etc. they provided a comprehensive program giving the "new talents" great pleasure.

VICTOR International supports the Badminton Sport Club Unna 1978 e.V.(registered club) for try-out training for refugees with generous donations such as materials like f.e. nets, rackets and shuttles.

All parties are pleased with the successful event and that so many athletes of the BSC, also volunteers get involved with it.The training program will continue and provide all interested, international talents, the ability to integrate sport in their new life.